Wizards Of Waverly Place Backpacks!

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Wizards of Waverly Place is a show on the Disney channel, I am sure you have seen you’re children watching it. It centers around a girl named Alex Russo who is a wizards, all her family are except her mother who is a mortal. Alex is not allowed to use magic with out the supervision of her father who is a former wizard but gave up his rights to be a wizard to be able to marry his mortal wife and mother to his three children. Wizards Of Waverly Place is based on the trials and tribulations of the three children as they grow up and learn some important lessons a long the way!

This wizardsofwaverlyplaceWizards Of Waverly Place Backpack is a modern and stylish pink and black with silver accents, It features a picture of Alex Russo on the front holding a wand. It is lightweight with padded straps making it comfortable and easy for your child to carry around. It has a large compartment on the front with zipper closure to keep everything safe inside. Included with the backpack is a lunchbox which is great for taking to school or out on a day trip!

Buy Your Wizards Of Waverly Place Backpack Today!

You will not regret it!

Here Are Some Links For More Information

Click Here For A Large Assortment Of Backpacks

Click Here For More Styles And Colors

A Huge Informative Article


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